Our express wash, only on the outside, keep your car clean wherever you park. Access to the inside of the vehicle is not required. In the movies, at the gym, at work or school we get there and clean your car. Service time between 15 and 30 Min.

Our most popular wash, we clean your car inside out, keep your car clean wherever you park. Access to the interior of the vehicle is required. Give us the keys and enjoy a movie, workout at the gym, go to work or school and your car will be getting cleaned. Service time between 30 and 50 Min.

Our premium detailing service is the most exclusive cleaning service money can buy, we detail your car from in to out, all extras are included. Your car will look and feel like you’re driving out of the dealer. Access to the interior of the vehicle is required. Service time between 2 and 4 Hours.

This is a service for dealers or car exhibition or sale businesses, by contract only. Are you a dealer? please contact us to get a quote.

Make your headlights look like new. This service can be performed without the need to give us the keys. In the movies, at the gym, at work or school by the time you get out your headlights will look like new.

Your car is exposed every day to cutting wind, road dirt and dust. Applying wax over your car will add a protective layer to your paint, will keep your car clean longer, and will prevent your paint from losing its luster. High-quality wax will give a shiny new look to your vehicle!

The leather conditioning service will clean and revive all the leather surfaces you have inside your car and notably your seats. The conditioner will penetrate the seats and make it look as if the car just got out of the factory, shiny and smelling like new, all while protecting it from everyday wear and keeping it in great condition for longer!

The shampooing of the seats is an in-depth cleaning of your car seats. It removes all the dirt, dust, and stains embedded in the fabric. It also cleans off the bacteria and other contaminants left in the vehicle after stepping inside your car every day.

With the engine cleaning service, our technician will completely degrease your engine compartment using non-harmful or corrosive supplies, and clean it to make it look like new. If you are a car enthusiast, this addon is perfect for you. It would also allow you to spot the potential damage you have inside your engine compartment.

"Extras are all included in our Premium Detailing Service and can only be added to our Easy wash and Regular wash"

No travel required so you save time & gas

Don't waste your water or a friend's water

Help the environment, our machines are eco friendly

While you have fun, work or study your vehicle gets clean

Our cleaning products are the best in the market

Win prices for loyalty